My Fit Brain - Therapist Dashboard

The current dashboard was not making the therapists work easier. After I conducted a usability study I found out they still struggled to keep appointment's and taking the notes. Based on the research I created the new design and after which the therapists gave a feedback that they were at-least 200% faster than before.


After the redesign of the website, the clients wanted to extend the project to dashboard design for the therapists. The need was to make sure the user flow is easy and display the relevant data.


User Experience and Interface Designer


Sketch, Figma, Zeplin


10 Days

Problem Statment

Having an efficient dashboard for therapists. The UI should consider the needs of the therapist like billing, appointments, blogging, patient history etc...



Connected with the therapists and got an understanding of what their day to day process looked like. I observed them using the platform - noting down the areas where they faced issues, the major.

To empathise with the users & keep track of the needs personas was made using the data from the the research.

Proposed Solution

The following where the solution suggested and designed upon:

1. Dashboard view with - appointment, important notification, Earning and profile visits.

2. Option to edit the appointment.

3. Simple blog posting page.

As the other branding aspects existed, the same was followed here.

Visual Design

The designs cleaned up were delivered in Zeplin as the developers could easily look into the redlining, get CSS info and the assets, illustration, icons were made export-ready so they could download it easily. There was an issue with the calendar as they didn't want to make a new system but use the default as it would make the development faster.


After the changes were implemented I again observed how the therapists used the site for almost the same questions initially and they were TWICE as fast compared to before and most of the time didn't have to leave the main dashboard to get the work done.


Here I learnt that no matter how experienced the user maybe there are ways to speed up your work & most importantly I learnt not to assume what should go in a dashboard, Kind of a mistake I make in the initial design.

WOW!!! You made it to the end.
Thank you for your time.