Born and raised in Bangalore, 🇮🇳

I grew up in the IT capital of India and was interested in computers for as long as I can remember.

Coming from a multidisciplinary family, there is one thing common - Creativity and Problem Solving.

Soon I learnt Photoshop and HTML which made it clear I wanted to create products that would wow🤩 users.

Having learnt the hard way (without the Internet ) what I can do using a computer at an early age.

My passion for food and travel🍔✈️

Seeing unique, unexplored places and eating local delicacies is one of my favourite activities. Like my work, I do a lot of research and planning before my trip.

I have so many plans to visit, Mountains 🗻 & Beaches🌊 are my favourite locations to visit.

Apart from the food I also enjoy scuba diving, meeting locals, trekking etc.

My next steps📈

Without a target, I feel lost, unmotivated. My next three targets are:

 1. Become a Usability expert, I am always inclined to make products more accessible and usable.
 2. Drive to the highest post office in the world.
 3. Complete an incomplete trek to an amazing hidden location.