Food Recipe - A new app for new tales in your Kitchen

Most of us love to go out to enjoy good food or we crave some food that is region-specific and wonders how do they do it?
With this app, the client wanted to answer that by allowing everyone from chefs to house files to share and view recipes they love.


To create an app where users could search for recipes, the app should have a way where uploaders feel appreciated by other users in a kind of social media environment - Motivating them to share more. 
They also wanted to possible ways to monetise the app helping the business grow.


User Experience and Interface Designer


Figma, Zeplin, Miro, Affinity Designer, Principal


60 Days

Problem Statment

All the recipes available out there are not validated, they don't have a connection and no way to see if known people have tried it. The client wanted to create an app that helps users share and view recipes on a single platform. There needs to be a way the uploader feel appreciated for his recipe and the user could save the recipes. The app should be clean modern and easily useable by everyone.


Following the 5 stage design thinking methodology where I started with user needs, defining the users, coming out with solutions, creating the design and conducting a usability test.


I started the research by interviewing people from different backgrounds. My other focus was would cook the most i.e the chief to bring in professional insights in general times it would have been hard to get the time from a chef but due to the pandemic they were happy to answer some questions, interesting insights came from culinary art students.


The two personas created as per the research.

User Flow

Based on the research and findings user flow was made to see if it makes a difference with the features.


Here we all sat on a zoom call to list out features, ideas, requirements in the Miro board.

Information Architecture

The information architecture was built in such a way that the developers could easily start creating the backend system helping progress the project faster.

Proposed Solution

There were many possible solutions but we had to choose between a few options:

1. A social media like recipe app where users can view, like, comment and follow.

2. Feature of cook mode - made based on finding people keep shifting between recipe timer and images on how it looks at that time.

3. Feature of tales - made for giving the uploader the push for more as the other user who has tried it can go and tell which recipe they tried and how it turned out.

4. Multiple language support - as there was a need to support multiple languages the research was made to select a typeface that would support maximum languages.

5. Intuitive recipe uploader - to be designed thinking of future scalability of the app.

There were aspects kept in consideration like WCAG, Usability, Upload size, Possible Technology, chat limitation and such features.

Wireframe & Low-Fi design

As the app was to be made from scratch the wireframe process to get the correct feel of the app took some time. There were more than 3 to 4 versions of the screens maid before reaching the one that everyone liked and meets the user requirements.

Visual Design

After conducting a usability test of the initial wireframe some changes were made.

1.  Users were finding it hard to upload tales 
2. Users were not able to find some features which were highlighted in the second revision

The final screens were made based on the usability results and following the design guidlines by Google and Apple.


Once the user goes through the steps the cook mode button so that they have an idea beforehand what needs to be done as full-screen mode will be overwhelming

Users can upload their made food using the recipe right here.

If the users link the recipe, they don't have to look up the author, they can follow right there and get all their updates.

Users can use the clock icon to start the timer if the recipe step indicated waiting for some time.
The timer needs to be smart and give the option to the time based on the step.

The image can be further zoomed in to see how it should look.

Big view and easy access buttons for easy navigation.

Users can rate share their experience using the Tales feature. This will also send a notification to the followers and, uploader where they will know how the experience was.

The image can be further zoomed in to see how it should look.

Big view and easy access buttons for easy navigation.

While uploading the user can move the cards.

The section separates portions of the recipe

They can add more ingredients & sections. 

Each can have an image & gid + a future possibility of videos

These explanations of the features were given to the client. There were other recommendations given to improve the experience for all like:

1. Considering not all have broadband at home and will be using mobile data - first load the text and low resolution of the image than in the background load better quality.

2. The above consideration to be taken for upload also - here the upload could happen in the background.

3. As the target audience was of the lower-income area the screen design was made keeping this in mind making the design fit in the smallest device.


The thing that surprised me the most is that there is an open-source typeface that covers 150 of the 154 scripts defined in Unicode. While interviewing I observed many distinct traits between people who were in the cooking profession and the housewives who cook daily which helped me bring a perfect merger of features for everyone.

Next Steps

Next is to work on the video editing capability where users can upload videos recipe and perfectly time the steps. On the other side keep improving the experience of how recipes are shown and suggested as the application grows.

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